The skill to heal. The spirit to care
Your Health. Our Priority

Dedicated to perfection,
Start on the path of healing

We believe in relief,
Helping You Get Back On Track

The skill to heal. The spirit to care
Your Health. Our Priority

Dedicated to perfection,
Start on the path of healing

We believe in relief,
Helping You Get Back On Track

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    Skeletal System
    Muscular Pains
    Joint Pains
    Sports Injuries and Treatment
    Total Knee Replacement Surgery
    HIP Replacement Surgery
    Shoulder Replacement Surgery
    Elbow Replacement Surgery
    Ankle replacement surgery
    Accident and Trauma Care
    Paediatric Orthopaedic
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

    Know About
    Dr. Karthik Gudaru

    I have been working hard in the field of Orthopaedics for a decade with a main objective and a belief to strive for patient happiness and that belief lies in providing services with dedication and perseverance towards humanity. A tiny commitment to myself is that I will keep Dr. Jagadesh Gudaru legacy intact across many generations in the future.

    – Dr. Karthik Gudaru
    Paediatric Surgeries
    Joint Replacements
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    Computer Assisted Knee Joint Replacement Surgeries
    Fracture and Accident Management

    Problem-underwent Total Knee Replacement

    We underwent TKR with doctor karthik.We are very happy after surgery.I was able to walk within one week after surgery.The way doctor karthik spoke to us was very good.He treated me like his family member.I am very happy and thankful to doctor karthik.
    Problem-Knee pain

    we met doctor karthik, regarding knee pain.Doctor suggested physiotherapy and medications.I finished the treatment his follow up with the patient is very nice till we completely recover.Thank you Dr.Karthik
    Problem-Cerebral palsy

    We met doctor karthik sir with reference one of my friend.The way doctor karthik evaluated was very good.He gave good guidance and told to follow his recommendations and suggested physiotherapy.Physiitherapist shown us some exercises.We are doing them regularly.
    Problem-cervical spondylosis

    We met doctor Karthik,regarding cervical spondylosis.Doctor suggested physiotherapy and medications.Now i am feeling very well.
    Problem- Right Shoulder pain

    We met doctor karthik regarding shoulder pain, doctor treatment was very good, doctor suggested exercises and medications and also suggested physiotherapy. Presently I am doing physiotherapy exercises and now i am feeling very well. Thank you Dr.Karthik.
    Problem-Cerebral Palsy

    We met doctor karthik,regarding cerebral palsy.He listened my daughter problem very patiently. And he had explained us briefly about the problem and we underwent surgery to both knees. Now my daughter is doing well and able to go back to school.
    Problem-She had fall and injured her ribs

    We met doctor karthik sir,regarding my rib injury.Doctor suggested protection brace and medications.After using medications and precautions sir advised i don’t have any pain.Now i am feeling much better.Thank you doctor karthik.
    Problem- Cerebral Palsy

    We met doctor karthik,regarding cerebral palsy, doctor suggested physiotherapy and medications for initial protocol.Doctor told to come and meet him after 6 months for surgery we are happy with the systemic approach dr karthik is following to our son

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      Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.

      Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.