Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to the needs of senior adults with physical limitations.

Arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hip, and joint replacement, balance issues, incontinence, and other physical illnesses and disorders can all make aging more difficult. Our program assists persons who are affected by such issues, as well as a variety of others that are directly or indirectly related to old age.

We’ve created a specific program to assist patients to regain mobility, reduce pain, and improving their fitness levels, so they may live a dignified and independent life, just like the rest of us. The challenges encountered in geriatric physiotherapy are divided into three categories.

Our physical and occupational therapists are committed to excellence in rehabilitation science and art. We work with wounded athletes as well as people recovering from surgeries such as organ transplants and amputations. We assist those who have experienced catastrophic injuries or developmental disabilities in regaining function and mobility. Our goal is to promote health and wellness, prevent difficulties, and allow you to go about your regular activities without difficulty.

One group includes issues that arise as a result of the patient’s failure to use their limbs or exercise. Reconditioning with range-of-motion exercises and other workouts can help with these issues. To work with these situations, the physiotherapist has a variety of instruments at her disposal. Exercise, electrical stimulation, and other methods are available.

We mostly deal with bone issues. People with illnesses like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis benefit from geriatric rehabilitation. Because osteoporosis makes people frailer and osteoarthritis is painful, both issues demand specific treatment.

A team of professionals specializing in helping patients control their pain can be found at physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers. The department attempts to provide a complete and appropriate pain management service by applying therapeutic approaches that best suit our patients’ needs. The Inpatient Pain Management service is responsible for the proper pain care of patients admitted to the hospital for surgery, as well as the management of post-surgical and other types of body pain.

Our team works with people who have chronic pain and uses a comprehensive approach to help them manage it. They provide a full range of services, including diagnostic and treatment techniques. The standard range of diagnostic and treatment services is provided to patients.
In the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, we offer the following services:
  • Disorders of Balance in Back and Neck Pain
  • Rehabilitation for cancer patients
  • Screening for Medical Fitness to Drive
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Dysfunction of the Pelvic Floor
  • Rehabilitation of the lungs

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    Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.