Accident and Trauma Care

From model x-rays and fractured bone setting to activating a full-fledged trauma care team to take over patient care management,
emergency services provided to road accident and other accident victims.
The patient’s chances of life are greatly improved if critical therapy is given during the key time window known as the “GOLDEN HOUR“.

“Complex Trauma” refers to people who have sustained several injuries. It is initially treated in an emergency room before being sent to a trauma centre. The victim’s care is taken over by a trauma team trained in the ideas of Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS).
What types of situations are handled by the hospital?
Victims with serious diseases and traumas are analyzed in the accident and emergency department. A person may be brought to the emergency room or given emergency care on the site of an accident in the following circumstances:
A record of accident and emergency patient care services is provided below.
  • Severe haemorrhage
  • Convulsions
  • Consciousness loss
  • Having trouble breathing
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Injuries to the head and spine
  • Emergencies in children
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Burns as a result of a fire
  • Multiple injuries in a car accident
  • Injuries caused by fallsĀ

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    Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2022 by Dr. Karthik Gudaru. All rights reserved.